Friday, December 12, 2008

Oblio vs Christmas

Haven't got the brain power at 6 a m to do this in the right order. Well, I did start at about 5, so that is my excuse for the randomness. At least I remembered how to do it, sort of. Because of his speed, I missed a lot of shots such as the tree actually falling during Oblio's assult. I am happy to report it has not gone down in about 3 days. Don't know how long that will last, but he has found so many other things to get into, it's hard for him to keep up! Poor cat, so much to destroy...........and so little time. After all he needs time to sleep all day, and keep meowing me awake all night. He earns the name "Evil Cat"!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Oblio in his many moods

Here is Oblio's slide show. Thanks to Sandie Lee for telling me how to do it. Now that I know how ,(if I remember) I'll do one tomorrow to show a few of my cards. Meanwhile enjoy the usually bad cat. His full name is Oblio Fifapookie, but he gets called Evil Cat, Poonie, Pookie, Baby Boy, Silly Poon, the Little Obe, Fuzzy Face, and a few other things. The strange thing about it is that he answers to any name. He's like a puppy, always following me around. He is very vocal....................oh yes, VERY vocal, and loves to express himself in my face at around 5 most mornings. He loves to run into my feet when I'm making a bee line to the bathroom. We have had a lot of close calls in the semi dark. Now I have to keep a night light on all night just to protect myself from the Evil Cat.