Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Inspector

Here are a few more pictures of me, checking the quality control of my person's crafting. Oh yeah, here are some pictures of the cards too, but remember most of the real work was done by me, the Great Oblio. I know you will love the pictures of my handsome self, so leave me a note, I can read, even if I can't type. My person does all the typing, and she usually types what I dictate, but sometimes she takes advantage of me sleeping and just says anything she wants. What nerve, it's not like it's her's my name on the banner. In case I haven't mentioned it before, my full name is Oblio Fifapookie, guess which part is my favorite sport? I arrived at my home on June 10, 2006, the day the World Cup started. Hope you enjoy the pictures. I always enjoy posing for them. Hope to hear from all of you.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Feathered Flapper

This is my latest card, a challenge at SCS. I've spent a few days making ATCs, with a plan to enter a swap, but find it boring to make the same thing so many times. Made 10 the same, and started another ten, but lost interest. Guess I'll stick to cards and other stuff that does not require so much of the "been there, done that", type of thing. Still can't seem to get this blog to generate much interest. Don't know what's wrong, or what's not right. I've looked at so many blogs, and like them all better than mine, but can't seem to pinpoint the problem. Not very optimistic that I'll have an brain flash.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

In a Flap

I got a bunch of black and white flapper pictures, and had to try one right away. Oh, yeah, they are on the internet. Thank goodness for search engines. Got sidetracked when I could not find a brown button, so I dug out the Fimo, and Sculpty, and got to work. Made a jar full. Hope I can figure out how to use them all. Isn't Oblio being sweet? He's letting me put a post of my own on his blog. Such a good cat.......okay, so he's asleep on my lap, and has no idea I'm hacking into his blog. Humans can be devious too, you lazy cat.


It's great to finally get a few visitors. Thanks to each of you who wrote comments about the Tyrant (Oblio, ruler of this blog) It's easy to see that lots of card makers have cats in common. Must be their Independence. My guess is that if cats had a ride to the LSS they'd outdo the human crafters every time. Remember that this blog is run by a cat with very strong opinions, especially about cats' talents. Thanks again for your kind comments. (Oblio is having trouble getting through the door way, thanks to his big head) Angelus wrote that last bit, so take it with a grain of salt.


I've found out how to put links on my blog, so I'm listing my Splitcoaststampers gallery. It's not very big, but it's growing. It's listed under Favorite Places to Go. I hope you'll visit, and leave a comment.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Power to the Cat

I, Oblio Fifapookie, went to my favorite site today,and found comments about my picture. At last the human population is realizing what we cats have known for a long time. Felines are helpful in the making of crafts. We are especially good with paper. We specialize in sitting on it, scratching it, rumpling it, whooshing it off the table with our tails, sticking to it, (love that 2 sided tape) and in general making it appear where it wasn't. More pictures should be published showing how hard we work, proving that our people don't really deserve all the credit. Power to the cat., which I am unable to post as a link, is my favorite site. Yay, I discovered how to make a link to other sites. Splitcoaststampers is now linked on my Favorite places to go list, down a bit, on the right.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Get well soon Lynn

This is a card I made today for Lynn, who is sick, and in bed for the last few days. The other picture is the Quality Control Supervisor doing the supervising. Not much gets past him. Hope you feel better soon Lynn, and we can go on an adventure.