Friday, November 21, 2008

Oblio in his many moods

Here is Oblio's slide show. Thanks to Sandie Lee for telling me how to do it. Now that I know how ,(if I remember) I'll do one tomorrow to show a few of my cards. Meanwhile enjoy the usually bad cat. His full name is Oblio Fifapookie, but he gets called Evil Cat, Poonie, Pookie, Baby Boy, Silly Poon, the Little Obe, Fuzzy Face, and a few other things. The strange thing about it is that he answers to any name. He's like a puppy, always following me around. He is very vocal....................oh yes, VERY vocal, and loves to express himself in my face at around 5 most mornings. He loves to run into my feet when I'm making a bee line to the bathroom. We have had a lot of close calls in the semi dark. Now I have to keep a night light on all night just to protect myself from the Evil Cat.


Sandie Lee said...

I'm glad I could help. That slide show was really neat. He reminds me so much of mine...Riker is his name. Except mine is a big wimp, pretty much afraid of everything and everyone except us. I Look forward to your next slide show :)

Sandie Lee said...

Hi me again. I forgot to thank you. I'm now using the "Poke the Penguin" gadget. It's way to funny. I just had to add it, so Thanks:)

Katie's Clay Corner said...

Hi! Oblio is so freakin cute! Reminds me of my cat I had growing up. His name was Ebenezer, and he was a trouble maker, too! And he talked, alot!! He used to follow me to school everyday, and somehow he'd be sitting outside the gate waiting for me every afternoon! Very interesting cat!!

I found your site in my followers list, so I thought I'd check it out! It's very nice to meet you!! And Welcome to blog world:)!!!!

Dawn said...

Hi there
Thanks so much for stopping by my blog - come back soon.
NOW - I'm lovin' Oblio he is gorgeous, we used to have a Siamese called Max but he was a seal point - Oblio looks more chocolate point - not usre - anyway they are extremely intelligent cats aren't they, our Max could open cupboards and learned to open windows too.
They are very vocal with a distince meow.
My two furries - one hardly meaows at all it's pitiful really!!! She tries though - bless!!
Pepsi is very nervous and shy and Peaches is bold and outgoing and they are sisters too!
Will stop by again for more fur tales!!!