Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Inspector

Here are a few more pictures of me, checking the quality control of my person's crafting. Oh yeah, here are some pictures of the cards too, but remember most of the real work was done by me, the Great Oblio. I know you will love the pictures of my handsome self, so leave me a note, I can read, even if I can't type. My person does all the typing, and she usually types what I dictate, but sometimes she takes advantage of me sleeping and just says anything she wants. What nerve, it's not like it's her's my name on the banner. In case I haven't mentioned it before, my full name is Oblio Fifapookie, guess which part is my favorite sport? I arrived at my home on June 10, 2006, the day the World Cup started. Hope you enjoy the pictures. I always enjoy posing for them. Hope to hear from all of you.

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