Saturday, January 16, 2010

Get well soon Lynn

This is a card I made today for Lynn, who is sick, and in bed for the last few days. The other picture is the Quality Control Supervisor doing the supervising. Not much gets past him. Hope you feel better soon Lynn, and we can go on an adventure.


Pat (mspfd) said...

This will definitely put a smile on Lynn's face! How cute!

Betty said...

Nice restart on your blog. I just started a blog too and the best advice I received was to post projects on SCS and put your blog in the description section. Oh and I LOVE your kitty. My blog is called kittystamp so you can imagine that I love the little furballs too! I plan to post about some of the many kitties that have graced my life - and there have been many! Happy blogging.

Anesha said...

Oblio is beautiful and what helpful cat! Skipper helps only when she wants my attention by sitting on my projects! :-) Great card. Have a great day. Anesha

cabio's craft corner said...

That's such an adorable get well card. I am sure your friend Lynn would be get well right after she got this card! Very cute :o)